Summary of Company Profile


APH | Home Decor is an innovative design company based in Jakarta since 2012 which offers professional design and consulting services in interior design with services in new construction, renovation, and reconstruction projects.

Throughout our existence we have worked successfully with a wide range of clients from private residential projects to corporate offices. APH | Home Decor Committed to design integrity and client service, we have a hands on approach to design and project management.

Our Service

We offer a complete interior design service from initial discussion of client
requirements, through to completion, on a whole range of projects.

  • Small and large-scale renovations
  • Space planning
  • Project buying & sourcing
  • Design consulting
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Our Portfolio


Value of APH


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We are not only creating a house but we create a place called home.  We believe everyone is able to build a house, however not everyone is able to build a home. We put our hearts into houses to become home, with a touch of luxury.

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We are exceeding the whole design process. We know exactly the process, the human sources and the right choices products for you. We’re advising on color, fabric, furniture and home decorations that can fulfilled your style and expectations.

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We use wisely of natural resources and by taking a green approach in design will provide many benefits for all of us and also for our planet.

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Despite of the aesthetic component and details, we believe that commitment, dedication and communication are the main keys to overcome challenge in order to create a great design.